Month: April 2019

Drone Safety Tips.

In previous posts I briefly touched on Drone Safety and Drone licenses. This post will have a bit more depth to those two subjects. Most of the rules and regulations regarding the operation of any Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, including hobby drones, are governed by that countries Aviation Safety Department and are much the same worldwide.…

By Graham April 13, 2019 2

Flying My Drone or Quadcopter.

In this post, I will be giving pointers and suggestions on preparing to fly your new, undamaged 😉 Drone. Being Organized. Where’s the Drone Instruction Manual? Firstly lets clear up some confusion about the terms “Drone” and “Quadcopter“. For the ordinary person, both terms refer to the same thing – a flying machine that does…

By Graham April 10, 2019 0

How To Buy A Drone.

Buying a Drone or Quadcopter for the first time can be: Enjoyable or Confusing, Exciting or Expensive, Disappointing or Disastrous. Hopefully, with a little planning and research, the Confusion, Disappointment, Disaster and some of the Expense can be removed. The term Quadcopter is being replaced more and more with Drone so that’s what we will…

By Graham April 2, 2019 2