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Brief topic to discuss buying a drone for the beginner.

Why Do People Buy Drones?

Why Do People Buy Drones? Why do people buy Drones is an often asked question. And is a question which does not have a single definitive answer. If you were to ask a similar question, to a hundred people, about buying a camera or a computer or a book for example, you would get a…

By Graham June 25, 2019 4

How To Buy A Drone.

Buying a Drone or Quadcopter for the first time can be: Enjoyable or Confusing, Exciting or Expensive, Disappointing or Disastrous. Hopefully, with a little planning and research, the Confusion, Disappointment, Disaster and some of the Expense can be removed. The term Quadcopter is being replaced more and more with Drone so that’s what we will…

By Graham April 2, 2019 2