How To Buy A Drone.

April 2, 2019 2 By Graham

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Buying a Drone or Quadcopter for the first time can be: Enjoyable or Confusing, Exciting or Expensive, Disappointing or Disastrous. Hopefully, with a little planning and research, the Confusion, Disappointment, Disaster and some of the Expense can be removed. The term Quadcopter is being replaced more and more with Drone so that’s what we will now call it. Let me help to make your decision, to buy a Drone enjoyable, by sharing my knowledge and planning with you.

How will I use my Drone? What is it For?.

Before you rush out to the Drone store, and get blown away by the number and range of models on offer, take a minute to think about how will I use my Drone. The answer will then define the type of Drone you need to fulfil that use, and the expense required to purchase the correct model. Another way of thinking is, what is it for? There are so many variables that can cost you a lot of money if you pick the wrong type for your needs. As with any big decision-making, it sometimes helps to get pencil and paper to make a list of things you want to use a drone for.CropDuster

I will assume that you will be using the Drone for non-commercial use, in other words, you won’t be using it to make money. In most Countries, States and Territories, Commercial use of a Drone will require you to be licensed and the Drone to be registered. For non-commercial use, you will be looking for a Hobby Drone or Personal Drone, that has a total weight of less than 25kgs or 55lbs, and must not be used for paid work of any kind. That decision cuts out a large range of craft-but still leaves a large range of types to look at.

I Want A Drone To

So, you’ve had a minute and thought about what you want to do with your craft. Here are a few suggestions to help you with your quest for the answer to I Want a Drone to ? Some Drones are small – really small, like sit on the palm of your hand type small!! wow, that means they can fly inside a house? Yes. Will it be suitable for kids under 15, probably, most drones are able to be flown unsupervised by a 13 years or older person. Its not recommended that under 13’s use one without supervision.

It would be nice if I could take some pictures of my favourite beach and other places, can I buy a Drone with a camera? Yes. Would I be able to take video pictures?, Yes, some drones have video cameras. Can I fly it for long distances?, Yes, but you cannot fly a personal drone out of sight, you must be able to see it at all times, some drones are able to swap or extend the batteries to give longer flying times. Do people race Drones or have high speed Drones?, Yes, but generally fixed wing craft are more suited to high speed or racing types of flying. Drones are very useful at hovering, rising vertically or landing vertically, then go from hover and fly off in any direction whatsoever.

The Decision has been made

I’m going off now to buy a Drone with a camera, ‘cos I want to take shots of my house and the kids playing in the garden, then I’m going to the beach to shoot the waves and the incredible sunset, then I’m taking it to the top of the hill to take high up aerial view of the town, woo hooo!.


Firstly, most authorities require that you get permission to fly over beaches and public areas. Secondly, there are also restrictions on drones over residential areas and roads, Thirdly, you may be in breach of the height regulation regarding the airspace.

Perhaps you should check up on where you can fly and take video’s and photo’s, also you must make the decision about what features of the drones you want. For example: do you want to buy fully assembled and ready to go, this means there is usually minor assembly required like the fitting batteries or attaching propellers. Or are you looking to purchase a bind and fly kit. This means that you buy a drone only kit and supply your own remote controller unit, although this type of kit is aimed at the more advanced flier that wants their own custom-built drones.

What to look for

Wow I didn’t know there was so much to learn about buying and flying a drone.    OK, I’ll slow down a bit.

So many choices so little money. Yes, as with anything, the more choices you have, the more money you will probably spend. Earlier in this post, I suggested you make a list of features or uses for a drone. Let’s go through the list, now that you have a little more knowledge about drones.

  • Small and lightweight, not need registering.
  • Affordable.
  • Must be a complete kit.
  • Have a camera.
  • Be able to fly for five or more minutes.
  • Have ability to add or change the battery.
  • Be a good beginners drone.

One thing we haven’t mentioned is the type of camera, and the range of types available for drones. Cameras are of two basic types, 1. Built in to the drone or integrated. 2. Mounted onto the drone or addon. That then leads to the camera’s built in features. I won’t go into depth about cameras of either type, I’m not a photo expert. Basically a built in camera provides ease of setup and use, other than installing a usb drive or sd card, it will also be capable of video streaming to a mobile device or record to remote storage, also, manufacturers support for your drone also means support for the camera. Against that the camera is not as powerful and lacks the custom features and controls of an addon camera. However, a good beginners drone with a camera built in is usually the best drone to get started with .

What’s Next?

Well, now we know what to use the drone for, we have decided on the type of kit that suits us, that we want a drone with a camera that is built in. So to summarize: we are looking to buy the best affordable beginners drone with a camera, that is inline with the budget we decided on. Now we go shopping. Hooray you say, about time I hear you say. Uh oh what’s next?

Do you know where to buy a drone, and how to buy a drone?. One of the best places to make a purchase nowadays, is on the internet. Most manufacturers have their own sites or they have a very good Affiliate network of re-sellers set up. The other sites you can visit are e-retailers like, who are the biggest, but not always the cheapest, or other similar e-retailers. You can also visit the sites of major high street photography and video equipment stores. One advantage of going on an e-retailers site is they usually have a number of reviews or customer feedback on the products and service. So there you have it, you should now be able with confidence, purchase the best personal drone with a camera that fits your list.

If you would like to make a comment or ask a question, please write in the box below and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

Updated June 12, 2019
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