How to Make Money Flying A Drone.

June 2, 2019 0 By Graham

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There are literally hundreds of ways to make money flying a Drone. Read on for information about

 How to Make Money Flying A Drone.

Money can be earned from various types of photography, from still shots, panoramic views, video of landscapes, of moving objects like cattle sheep and other animals for farming and animal husbandry. Video’s of sporting events like motor sport or athletics.

What Are Drones Used For.

Drones are used for ecological studies for forestry and plant and weed growth over large areas. Precision Agriculture Drones are used for
crop spraying as an alternative to aircraft or mechanical spray practices, the spray can be more easily controlled and used without wastage or over spray.  

Delivery Drones.

Drones are currently being used for goods delivery, like parcels and packages. Some fast food chains are using Drones to deliver internet orders directly to the customer’s home, for example, fast food, pizzas, hot rolls, hot drinks, tea, coffee. June 12 Uber announced plans for passenger Drones to fly from Melbourne Airport to the CBD in Australia.

Medical Drones.

Drones are being used in the medical area for the rapid collection and delivery of emergency blood supplies, for the rapid transport of transplant organs and other vital medical supplies that are required urgently or are needed in remote areas where wheeled transport would
take too long to arrive.

Firefighting Drones.

California Firefighting Drone

In the USA and Canada, and many other countries, forestry areas cover extremely large and difficult terrain, the various Authorities use Drones for firefighting and to investigate the outbreak of smoke in remote areas during the fire season.

Military and Law Enforcement Drones.

The Military arms of Government, Air-force, Army and Navy use drones as an alternative to manned craft in areas of high danger and also for extended flights of hundreds of kilometres out of sight, they can be used both defensively and offensively.

These types of Drone are mainly large winged drones capable of carrying armaments like rockets and bombs. There are smaller drones that are used for close in surveillance work and are used by Law Enforcement Agencies. Obviously, these are not the type of Drone accessible to the public, but give an insight to the use of Drone by all sections of Government.

Professional Drones.

Needless to say, most of these scenarios require the use of the larger types of Professional Drones weighing between 250 gms and 25 Kgs, that have the capacity to carry heavy equipment and have a useful flying range.

Heavy Lifter.

Rules for flying a Drone.

Drones are also required to be registered with the regions Aviation Control Body, and the operator(s) to be the current holder of a Drone flying license, to fly within controlled air space and to operate for commercial purposes.

The Drones used for these sorts of operations will usually cost up to $100k and can require the use of up to two operators, both have to be

The smaller Hobby drones, that have a good quality camera fitted, can be used for small scale work also, but again, the craft and operator
have to comply with the Aviation Control Body for the region it is operating in, to be licensed and registered as it is being used for commercial purposes.


So, if you are looking to make money flying a Drone there are a lot of things to consider, not just the cost of buying a Drone with a
camera, but the cost of compliance with the relevant Aviation Authority with regard to the Drone license requirements, the cost of obtaining a Drone flying license and training and completing a Drone safety course.

As always when starting a commercial venture of any type, there will be all sorts of unforeseen expenses and costs that must be allowed for in your planning.

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Updated June 12, 2019
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