Why Do People Buy Drones?

June 25, 2019 4 By Graham

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Do People Buy Drones?

Why do people buy Drones is an often asked question. And is a question which does not have a single definitive answer.

If you were to ask a similar question, to a hundred people, about buying a camera or a computer or a book
for example, you would get a hundred or more different reasons as an answer.

People thinking


Every one, who makes a purchase for any type of product, will have dissimilar reason or purpose for the use of that item than someone else who obtains the same item.

A Question For You.

Let me give you a question to answer, you don’t have to tell me now.

Are you reading this post because you have an interest in drones?, or are you thinking to buy a drone, maybe you want to use a drone to earn some money, take photographs from a different perspective to normal? Perhaps you are just curious about the whole subject of Drones, think of your answer and relate it to the question “Why Do People Buy Drones”

So as you can see there are many reasons people buy drones, maybe your answer was not in that short list, again that emphasizes how diverse the reasons people have for buying a drone.

If you want to give your thoughts on “why do people buy drones” you can do so at the end of this article in the comments box.


My Thoughts.

I’ll give you my thoughts on some of the reasons that a person will have used to justify buying a drone. They are in no particular order, if you want to give your reasons for buying a drone, you can do so in the comments section at the end of the post.

Why do people fly Drones?

To Have Some Fun.

I think that most people who purchase a drone, other than for commercial reasons, do so to have fun, I did.

There is a lot of fun and excitement generated flying a drone, whether it is a small indoor drone or a larger outdoor drone. Just imagine this, you have a small, I mean palm sized, flying machine, Tiny Dronethat can be flown indoors around and above the furniture taking pictures or video of your surroundings in a way that you have never experienced before, it’s totally unique.

If it is capable of First Person View (FPV), you will have the excitement and fear of seeing the flight from a pilots eye view as you swoop under chairs or over the top of people or looking through small spaces at scenes that would be impossible to see normally, WOW.

If you have a pet dog or cat, you can see things from the same level at which they view the world.


TO SWITCH OFF from every day things.

I think that there is a sense of adventure in the form of escape from normality when you are flying a drone.

There is a sense of escapism that is a part of being in control of something entirely different from the normal type of thing. If you have FPV then the escape from everyday life is even more pronounced, your visual senses and anticipation is vastly enhanced as you become the pilot of an aircraft that you totally control. It is probably the
closest, and only way, that you can experience flying an air-plane without the expense of real flight.

If you have a comment or question please do so in the comment section at the end of this post.

Why do people fly Drones?

Apart from the fun part of drone flying, people fly drones as a way of taking spectacular still and video photo’s.

fly for fun

This may be as a hobby or as a way of earning some form of income. For example, you are on holiday and instead of the same old boring types of snapshot with your hand held camera or video recorder or mobile phone, you buy a drone with a 4k video camera and now you are able to take spectacular views and scenes from a new perspective in high definition color and
movement.On Holiday

Your Reality!

Image this, you are on holiday and you take a hike along a cliff top path, the path turns a corner and there in front of you is the most spectacular scene ever, a school of Dolphins are in the sea far below and they appear to be excited about something that you can’t quite make out.

You set up your Drone and take off, heading for the sea below, you can watch what the Drone is seeing, with your mobile phone screen, as the drone sends you live video of the dolphins. As you get closer and the scene unfolds, you realize that you are present at the birth of a baby dolphin.

Dolphin Family

You can never experience this sort of close up from a boat at sea, and

be so close to the action without causing alarm to the dolphin family.


A Wedding.

Maybe you are a wedding photographer and use video as part of your work, just think how different and terrific will be the video of the next wedding shoot you do if you can provide overhead views of the wedding scene.

Imagine this scenario, The Bride and Groom are just about to exit the church as you take video from the Drone and slowly pan outwards as you fly up,

Wedding Party

all the time you are watching from the live video broadcast to your phone or tablet screen, instantly able to change angles and views as the guests and couple move around.

Or perhaps the ceremony was on a beach, you slowly move the drone towards the gathering, slowly climbing to pass overhead all the while viewing the results live on you tablet or phone screen, and adjusting the vision all the time to get the best video shoot.

Wedding on beach

The possibilities and opportunities are endless for a skilled Drone pilot and photographer, especially as you can see everything the video camera sees, live on your screen, and can adjust the camera and location of view, to get the best angles.

Flora & Fauna.

Perhaps you are a nature and wild life photographer., or you like cityscapes. You can do totally amazing things with a drone. Everything looks different when photographed from above.

That steep hill  that is almost impossible to climb with heavy camera equipment to look at the different flora that lives there, it is now possible to observe them, live on my phone screen, from a distance and get some absolutely perfect, high definition, closeup shots of the subject without causing a disturbance or alarm.

Wow look at those plants and the pine trees I’ve not seen those before. pine flowering I wonder if they are a new species, I must get a close up shot to study them better and get another opinion.

Ooh look over there, on that rock, I think they are a lizard of some sort. I wonder what they are, if I’m careful can get a close up shot of them from a distance without alarming them, then I can find out what they are.2 lizards

In Conclusion.

When you can open your mind to view things from a different perspective, then there is very little that cannot be viewed from and done with a drone.
That is why so many people buy drones, each and every one of them has a different reason to buy and fly a drone.

What would your reason be to buy and fly a drone?. Please put your answer in the comments section below.

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